Trails Challenge
Trails Challenge
Trails Challenge
Trails Challenge
Trails Challenge
Trails Challenge

Trails Challenge

The Fairbanks Trails Challenge is an all-ages, all-abilities, outdoor scavenger hunt of epic proportions! The Trails Challenge is designed to get you out with your family and friends to explore our wonderful local trails, both new and familiar. each summer and winter season, the Parks and Recreation Department staff temporarily install special signs in secret locations along a dozen or so local trails. While the signs are up, we invite everyone to visit the trails and try and find the signs. Along the way, we hope you have a chance to learn new skills, see new places, and make positive memories. The Trails Office hosts two Fairbanks Trails Challenge events each year: A winter Trails Challenge and a Summer Trails Challenge. The Winter Trails Challenge starts roughly in mid-December and lasts through March. the signs are placed in new and different locations for the next challenge. So each season you are challenged to have a new adventure!

Anyone is allowed to participate in the search. When you find a sign, prove you made it by taking a "selfie" photo with the sign and post it on social media with the hashtag #FNSBTrails or email your photo to Posting or emailing photos is optional, but to get credit, you must complete the finisher checklist form. And of course, leave the sign to be found by the next trails challenge participant. Participants who find AT LEAST TEN signs during the event can win prizes with local sponsors and the coveted Trailblazer Award. Participants under the age of ten can find at least five signs to win the Junior Trailblazer Award! Whether you find one or find them all, challenge yourself to get outside and enjoy nature!

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Comprehensive Recreational Trails Plan

Click here for the Comprehensive Trails Plan Update

The Trails Office is responsible for implementing the Comprehensive Recreational Trail Plan (Trail Plan), working closely with other Borough Departments and the Trails Advisory Commission. The Trail Plan is part of the Borough's Regionals Comprehensive Plan and was created in 1985. The Trail Plan identifies many trails throughout the Borough that have high recreational value for the community and deserve some level of protection for public access. Trails in the Trail Plan cross many types of property and have varying degrees of public access. Public access is not guaranteed across all sections of trails in the Trail Plan. Trail in the Trail Plan receives protection to access a piece of property if and when that property is ever subdivided via the Borough's Code of Ordinances, Title 17 "Subdivisions." Over the years, several new trails have been added to the Trail Plan. The latest trail, the Cranberry Trail, was added in 2006. Fairbanks residents can nominate new and existing trails to be added to the Trail Plan by making recommendations to the Trails Coordinator and the Trails Advisory Commission. If you are interested in the Trail Plan, nominating a new trail, providing or securing a trail easement, or have other trail-related interests, contact the Trails Coordinator at 907-459-7401 or

Trail Maps

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Trail Conditions Report

The official trail conditions report is updated every Thursday by the FNSB Parks and Recreation Department. You can find the report by clicking here.